The Keys To Euro Nymphing

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Intro To Euro Nymphing

"Euro nymphing is a term Americans use to describe a cocktail of techniques that were discovered while competing in the world championships overseas. Many of our high level competition fly anglers have taken what they’ve learned in international competitions and have melded the best aspects of those techniques together to coin the all inclusive nymphing approach we call Euro nymphing. I’ve also heard many anecdotes of people all across the country developing very similar techniques without any European influence, and there’s likely validity to many of those stories.  To hear more about how the history of this all went down, check out the podcast Wet Fly Swing: Episode 43 with Devin Olsen as the expert himself gives a good summary of the topic."

Frank Landis, Boiling Springs, PA

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Leaders and tippet

"In Euro nymphing, having an appropriate leader is going to be a huge factor in your success. If you’ve done any research online, you’ve probably found a multitude of different leader formulas. If you’re new to the technique or if you’re new to leader tying in general, it can be confusing and intimidating to sift through the information and find something that is going to work for you. There really is no “right” or “wrong” leader formula, but there are a few constants that I think are really important to being successful while Euro nymphing. I’ll discuss a few different leader materials, a few basic formulas, and options for pre-tied leaders as well. Personal preference will dictate what you end up gravitating towards, but this will be enough to get you started and provide a solid base to work from."

Frank Landis, Boiling Springs, PA

Learn more by reading the rest of Frank's blog: "Getting Started with Euro Nymphing Leaders - Frank Landis."


The Rod, Reel, and Fly Line

"We will be getting into rods and reels in future posts in much greater detail, but let’s look at a few basics. In short, 10-11 ft 2-4 weight rods are used, but not necessarily with 2-4 weight lines, as mentioned in the leaders section. Essentially, long rods with soft tips are used to maximize the demands of the technique. In terms of reels, it’s nice to have a reel heavy enough to balance longer rods. It is also beneficial to have a nice smooth disc drag reel because it can be a little challenging or just annoying to handle leader material, especially the thinnest leaders, when stripping in fish." 

Frank Landis, Boiling Springs, PA

Learn more by reading the rest of Frank's blog: "What Is Euro Nymphing?"

Learn From the Master: George Daniel

George Daniel, Tying and Fishing Favorite Nymphs (Fly Tier's Masterclass series) from Headwater Media Group on Vimeo.

Spend some quality time with George Daniel learning to tie 9 favorite nymph patterns and how to fish them. With incredible close up filming from the tier's perspective you will learn to tie Daniel's confidence patterns: Jig Fry, Holographic Czech, October Caddis, Sunburst Sulphur, Vinyl Rib Nymph, UV Sowbug, Perdigon, Simple Stone, and Flash Prince. On-the-water lessons include detailed information on fishing and rigging drop-shot rigs, fishing pocket water, swinging soft hackles, and floating the sighter.

George began fly fishing at age 6, while growing up along the banks of a native brook trout fishery in northern PA. Eventually moving to the famed central PA waters, George became acquainted with his future mentor and friend, Joe Humphreys. George credits Joe for his fly fishing foundation, especially his nymphing game. George eventually became a member of Fly Fishing Team USA, placing as high as 5th in the world and winning back to back national championships. He retired from competing immediately afterwards and was ask to coach the US Youth Fly Fishing Team, which he did for two years, followed by two more years of coaching the adult Fly Fishing Team USA. George enjoyed his experience competing and coaching, but fly fishing education was always his favorite thing to do.

George has been teaching and guiding since age 18. He’s written several best-selling fly fishing books, frequent contributor to Fly Fisherman Magazine, and conducts seminars and educational workshops across the country. He’s currently the Director of Fly Fishing and Outreach for the Pennsylvania State University-a position once held by his mentor, Joe Humprheys. George is also fortunate enough to have professional relationships with the following fly fishing companies: The Orvis Fly Fishing Company, Scientific Anglers, Hog Island Boats, FlyCraft Boats, Big Frank’s Outdoors, Loon Outdoors, Costa Sunglasses, and Fulling Mills. He currently resides in central PA with his wife, two children, and Boykin spaniel.

Learn more by buying George's Masterclass on Vimeo: "George Daniel, Tying and Fishing Favorite Nymphs"

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