Orvis Dealer Of The Year 2021

TCO Fly Shop - Orvis 2021 Dealer Of The Year Award

We are proud here at TCO Fly Shop to have won the 2021 Orvis Dealer Of The Year Award.  We have been an Orvis dealer since 1996.  It’s exciting, 25 years later to have won this prestigious accolade.  The TCO and Orvis relationship has grown significantly over the years.  What started out as just a "normal" retailer relationship has grown to encompass fly fishing schools, integrated Orvis travel programs, an incredible product assortment and a shared retail store relationship.  There is no telling what the future may hold for TCO & Orvis.  There is no doubt however that TCO will remain closely tied to Orvis and we will do our best to maintain the high level of customer service and retail presence that epitomizes the Orvis Dealer of the Year Award.


Orvis Press Release - Manchester, VT

As we all know, fly shops are the backbone and lifeblood of the sport and provide a place for participants to learn, grow and progress as they gain more interest in fly fishing. If you’re ever in Pennsylvania, make sure you swing by a TCO Fly Shop location to see for yourself why they’re the best in the business.

In an age mass-market retailing, mergers and acquisitions, and the commoditization of pretty much everything, one of the things that makes our industry unique is the fly shop. These local businesses continue to be the backbone and the lifeblood of the sport.

Fly shops provide customers with personalized service and education, diverse product choices and the inside knowledge that can only come  from people that have made their love of this sport into their livelihood. Fly shops also allow brands like ours to compete for the customer’s loyalty on a level playing field with our competitors. Here’s what one regular customer said about TCO:

Great local fly shop, if I lived closer I would be in trouble and probably broke. Tough to leave here without buying something. I think the expression is don’t go grocery shopping on an empty stomach, well don’t go to this shop if you are hungry for fly fishing equipment and materials. Great staff, very informative and helpful. Visit if you are in the area and be prepared for a great experience

TCO Fly Shop earned this award because of their ability to provide customers with outstanding personalized service and education, offering them with a diverse product offering to help them have a great time on the water, and being great advocates for fly fishing by turning their love of this sport into their livelihood.

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