Meet The Staff: Bill Benton

TCO Bryn Mawr: Bill Benton 

When did you start working at TCO?

I began working for TCO when the new Bryn Mawr store opened November 2021.

What is your favorite place you have fly fished? (Near or Far)

Valley Creek will always be the answer to this question but the Oregon Inlet is a close second, currently. 

What music is being played on your way to the stream? 

432hz hand drum meditation music or Mudvayne

Besides fly fishing, what other outdoor activities do you enjoy?

Hiking and exploring with my girlfriend and our two dogs. Tim in the kitchen exploring new recipes. 

Bill's Bio

I grew up in New Jersey chasing Blue Crabs and Bluefish. My dream was always to leave so I moved to Philadelphia to pursue photography at the University of the Arts in 2007.  Several years after graduating I realized how disconnected I had become to nature, my creative process, and learning in general.  With TCO and Valley Creek bing right in my backyard that connection was revived through fly tying.




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