Fly Fish Spain

TCO will be hosting a trip to this location next year.  The dates are July 25th - 31st 2020 and the cost is $6,600 per person.  Couples are welcome!  This is one of the few fly fishing lodges that are perfectly suited for couples.  In addition to fly fishing, there are walks in National Parks, hiking, kayaking, MTB routes, 4x4 routes, photo safaris and cultural tours.  Experience Spain with us in this amazing adventure!

More About Salvelinus & Spain


This charming traditional hotel in the Pyrenees with superb local cuisine, has been turned into a lodge with all amenities.
The Lodge´s private dining room is La Fonda, a local restaurant with some of the very best food in the Pyrenees, managed by the same family for the last 300 years.
Four suites are available in the lodge and the private spa and massage services are included in the services offered in the programs. 

Fly Fishing:

The eastern Pyrenees fishing area covers the east of the province of Huesca in Aragon, the province of Lleida and Girona in Catalonia and, the small independent country of Andorra, offering a wide range of fly fishing waters.

The highlight of this package is fly fishing the lower reaches combined with some excellent opportunities for trout in the mountain waters of the valleys near the Lodge Hotel and Spa.


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