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We are very proud of the TCO Fly Shop Team. We all love fly fishing and our time spent enjoying the outdoors.  Each team member is poised to give you the ultimate shopping, guiding or instructional experience. This page has been developed to offer more information about each store and the TCO employees that work there.

Please feel free to contact any of us for more information. We look forward to seeing you at one of our stores or chatting with you online.

Tony Gehman -President   
I have always loved the outdoors and fly fishing has been a part of me since I was young.  I opened TCO Fly Shop in West Lawn, PA back in 1990 when I was 20 years old with the vision of creating something different.  I didn’t want to be “just another fly shop”.  That vision quickly evolved to locations in State College, Bryn Mawr and coming next year, Boiling Springs.  I love being in the store, meeting people and sharing in adventures on the water. Although, my time is now spent maintaining the website & marketing while spending as much time with my family as possible.  
Like most of the TCO family, trout was my primary target growing up. But, after exploring the Bahamas, Florida Keys, and other tropical destinations, bonefish, tarpon & permit quickly became the main focus.  I try to get to the tropics a few times a year... it’s where I am in my element! I will never lose my passion for fly fishing or the anticipation that builds when I find a new location to explore!
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Chris Frangiosa - Buyer/Retail Manager
I have been fly fishing since I was 12 years old and have been working full time in the fly fishing industry for about 15 years.  Fishing has always been something that I loved to do but once I started fly fishing it took my passion to a whole new level.  I started out trout fishing primarily but over the years have grown to love saltwater flats fishing above all else.  One of the great aspects of working in the industry has been the opportunity to travel and to experience so many great fisheries and cultures around the world.  I never would have imagined that my hobby would become by career.  Currently, I am the retail manager for TCO and also do all of the inventory management and buying.  In my current position I get to spend time at all of our great locations and that really keeps my job interesting.  When I am not fishing I can be found riding my road bike for long distances or hanging out at the local Cars and Coffee weekend gathering.
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Lenny Gliwa - TCO Bryn Mawr
As a young kid, I was lucky enough to have a father who introduced me to the outdoors and instilled in me a love of fishing at a very young age. I first picked up a fly rod when I was 8 years old and I haven't looked back since. I was lucky enough to join the TCO team as a young teenager working in the Bryn Mawr location, spending my time bouncing around the Southeastern part of the state while learning a ton from the guys in the shop and time spent on the water alike. I then moved to Central Pennsylvania where I have continued to work with TCO here in State College while attending Penn State University and further refining my skills as an angler on the amazing waters of this region. While trout are my usual species of choice, I love exploring the many other fisheries we have in our area. Swinging flies for steelhead in the Great Lakes, chasing stripers off the coast of New Jersey, stripping big flies for smallmouth and musky on the rivers of Central Pennsylvania, or casting to tailing carp in a pond somewhere, if I have a fly rod in hand, I'm having fun. When I'm not fishing or in the shop you may find me tying flies, hiking and camping, hanging in a tree with a bow in my hand, or sitting in a duck blind with my buddies.
Contact Lenny: 610.527.3388 xt 2 or email

Casey DeGiovanni - TCO Ecommerce Manager
I grew up in Pittsburgh, PA and around age 12 I was introduced to fly-fishing through a local high school fishing club. We were taught fly tying, rod building, and most importantly how to respect the outdoors. After my first steelhead trip to the Lake Erie tribs with friends I was hooked! So began a life of chasing trout and anything else that swims. I have a real passion for the waters around central PA and make it a point to spend as much time in the mountains as possible. Fishing is an escape for many people, for me it is a way of life. When I am not fishing, I am an avid hunter and skier. I love making trips out west in the winter months to ski and get a little cold weather fishing in. It all comes back to being outdoors as much as possible and experiencing everything I can in the mountains and on the water.
Contact Casey: 610.678.1899 xt 4 or email

Shane Adams - TCO State College
I’ve been an avid outdoorsman most of my life and have always felt most at home wandering the mountains of North Central Pennsylvania.  I’ve pursued virtually every outdoor activity accessible to me, and once I discovered the art of fly fishing it seemed like the most natural progression for my way of life. I love the challenge that fly fishing presents and find that the more difficult the fishing, the more I enjoy it.  I’m not aware of any other activity that requires such a refined connection with nature and demands such awareness of one’s surroundings.
Contact Shane: 814.689.3654 xt 3 or email

George Costa - TCO State College
Solving the ever changing puzzle that is fly fishing and being able to fool the fish into striking fulfills a primal urge in me. There's something about the take of a fish that's a little hard to put my finger on, but when it happens there's a certain clarity of mind that I achieve that's hard to replicate in other aspects of life.  Personal focus along with the determination to connect with something truly wild are all driving forces behind why I fish.
Contact George: 814.689.3654 xt 3 or email

John Parisi- TCO Bryn Mawr
I  grew up in Northeast Philadelphia and started fly fishing when I was around 12 years old.  It was the perfect outlet to get out of the city for a few hours on the weekends.  Most of my time was spent on the limestone streams in the Lehigh Valley area.  I also got into fly tying around the same age.  I still remember the first trout I caught on one of my own flies. I was always good at art and fly fishing complimented that perfectly.  Trout just don't live in ugly places.  The landscapes and fish I would see always made their way into my paintings.  Whether it's brook trout in small tributaries or browns and rainbows on larger tailwaters, I've always felt at home on the water.  My favorite part of fly fishing is that you never really figure everything out.  No two days are the same, it's a constant learning experience. 
Contact John: 610.527.3388 xt 2 or email

Amy Coen - TCO Boiling Springs
I grew up fishing for Smallmouth Bass in the backwoods streams of Northwest Arkansas and loved every moment of it.  However, it wasn’t until my adopted Grandfather taught me to fly fish that I truly understood the meaning of finding your inner passion. I have been fortunate enough to follow that passion to some of the most amazing fly fishing destinations in the world including Alaska, Argentina, the Caribbean and more!  I cherish the moments I was able to spend on the water in each part of world. Now I have the privilege of living in Central PA, minuets from some of the best trout & smallmouth waters in the country.  In addition to the diversity I now have in my fishing, I am also proud to be part of the TCO family in this new location. I guess you can say, I am living my dream!
Contact Amy: 717.609.0169 xt 5 or email

Dusty Wissmath - TCO Boiling Springs
I grew up in Missouri, started fly fishing when I was eight, and spent my formative years highly distracted by the sport. I began guiding and teaching fly-fishing in the early seventies while working on a degree in Wildlife Biology at the University of Wyoming. Living in Jackson, WY after graduate school I tied commercially for High Country Flies and guided on the Snake, Green and New Fork Rivers and in Yellowstone National Park.
After working as a Biologist in Wyoming and East Africa, I started my fly-fishing school and guide service in 1995. I'm a FFF Certified Casting Instructor and a member of the Board of Governors of the FFF Guides Association. I also do some writing and photography for several fly fishing periodicals.  I'm on the pro staff of the Scott Fly Rod Co., Hatch Reels, Hyde Drift Boats and a Guide/Ambassador for Simms Fishing Products.
 I’ve been lucky enough to work with and learn from some of the best in the business. Jay Buchner, Bob Clouser, Dave Whitlock and Scott Sanchez inspired me with their innovative and masterful approach to fly tying as well as effectively fishing the flies that they tie. From Paul Bruun, of Jackson, Wyoming I learned how to guide professionally and have fun doing it. Joan Wulff, Lefty Kreh, Macauley Lord and Floyd Franke taught me how to teach and how to analyze the cast. It’s because of these folks that I am able to say I have the best job in the world. I’m privileged to call them my friends and I look forward to opening the door for others to this fantastic sport.
Contact Dusty: 717.609.0169 xt 5 or email

Benjamin John- TCO Reading
I was born and raised in Pennsylvania with a love for the outdoors.   If I wasn't exploring the woods and tails of South Central PA, I was fishing. I quickly developed a love for fly fishing at a very young age. After attending a tying lesson with my father at the local TU chapter, my passion for fly fishing grew even further.  Fly fishing and tying have become a huge part of my life and I enjoy sharing my passion with others.  I am blessed to fish the well-known streams such as Falling Springs, Le Tort, Big Springs, but some of my favorite streams are the unknown mountain creeks chocked full of wild brook trout.  I also spend a good portion of the colder months chasing Steelhead in the Great Lakes tributaries.  Fly fishing is part of me!
Contact Ben: 610.678.1899 xt 1 or email

Nate Roberts - TCO Reading 
For me, the challenge fly fishing brings is what makes it special. Whether its tough water, picky fish, or deficient techniques, there are always new things I can learn and develop. I love the fact that knowledge comes through both success and failure on the water. I also love big Pennsylvania Brown trout and the awesome limestone creeks this state has to offer. I grew up on them and I won't ever turn down an opportunity to fish them. I look forward to seeing fly fishing take me to places I have not yet ventured to!
Contact Nate by phone: 610.678.1899 xt 1 or email

Jim Lewis - TCO Bryn Mawr
After a pretty good stretch of fly fishing adventures, it’s tough to fully capture everything that continues to draw me to the game.  A good friend (and one of the fishiest dudes I know) once remarked that there are so many “firsts” in reference to fly fishing and that pretty much summed it up for me.  Whether it’s the first dry fly eat of the year, the first bonefish on a seemingly endless Bahamian flat, the first fish a client catches on a fly rod, the first encounter with a black bear while towing a drift boat down the interstate, the first lesson learned on any given day on the water, the first ‘going home fish’ on a Yellowstone trip, the first steelhead on the swing, the first Upper Delaware smallmouth on a Hendrickson dry, the first time on the water you have been on before…and the list goes on.  Always an adventure, always something to learn.
Contact Jim by phone: 610.527.3388 xt 2

Harry Tomlin - TCO State College
I enjoy the infinite variety of challenges flyfishing presents.  I’ve got to be outside as much as possible but mountain biking and surfing are getting a little too rough on the old body.  There is also something about fishing that allows you to be around good people and be solitary at the same time. Oh, and good beers and fine rums are an added plus.
Contact Harry by phone: 814.689.3654 xt 3

Austen Randecker - TCO State College
Born, raised, and still residing in Central, PA, I have had the pleasure of learning the art of fly fishing on the best wild trout streams anyone knows.  I developed a love for the sport early and was fortunate enough to become a member of the USA Youth Fly Fishing team for 4 years.  This allowed me to increase my knowledge and passion for the sport.  This experience also allowed me to fish many places around the country and the world, meet many fellow fishermen, but most all, proved to me..... there's no place I'd rather be than on the waters and with the people of Central, PA.   So stop in at TCO State College and say hello. If I'm not there you will most likely find me guiding a client or throwing steamers at the big boys.
Contact Austen by phone: 814.689.3654 xt 3

Steve Atanasio - TCO State College
Having grown up on Long Island in a family that fished both recreationally and commercially, I was sort of destined to fish. As many say, it’s a kind of journey. For me, the original allure of fly fishing was the challenge of casting to and catching a fish with bits of fur and feather. Now, fishing has become this sort of all encompassing thing. Researching new flies, tying the fly & finding new water to fish. Bringing a fish to hand has diminished in importance... well I guess 35 inch steelhead are still important! Time spent on the stream, alone sometimes, or in the company of friends is always good. These days, everything leads to the anticipation of the tug, the flash of a fish taking my fly. The fight always was and always will be exciting but now seems a bit anticlimactic. But it’s all enjoyable. So the question might not be, “Why do I fish?” The question might actually be, “Why wouldn’t I fish?”
Contact Steve by phone: 814.689.3654 xt 3

Shane Clemens - TCO Reading / TCO Bryn Mawr
Fly fishing is not just a hobby for me, it's a passion. I come from a family where hunting and fishing is a way of life.  At a very early age, my grandfather taught me all his secrets of fly fishing on the small streams around the PA Grand Canyon.  He instilled in me the passion of being on the water, something that has stayed with me my entire life.  My father also taught me to respect and appreciate the outdoors and to pass down these same qualities to my two daughters.  Our family trips to the mountains often involve contests for who caught the first fish, the biggest fish, and the most fish.  On my perfect weekend, you can find me hiking the small back wood streams in Tioga County with my wife, only carrying with us a backpack, two short 3 weights, and a few cold IPAs.  When I am not on the small streams in PA, I love traveling out west for wild browns and cutties in the rivers of Colorado, Montana, and Wyoming.  This is truly a passion for me, and turning this passion into a job with TCO is an amazing opportunity.
Contact Shane by phone: 610.678.1899 xt 1

Sam Galt - TCO State College
Being born just west of Philadelphia in Drexel Hill PA, I didn’t exactly grow up in a fishing paradise. Fortunately for me, I had family who was very into the outdoors. We frequently camped, backpacked, canoed and generally enjoyed what Penn’s woods had to offer.
I have been fishing since I was old enough to tag along with my father and uncle to the local waterways of Pa. While obtaining my B.S. at Penn State’s main campus a class mate of Mine, Matt Stutzman, put a fly rod in my hand & the obsession began. Matt and his housemate Reds taught me to tie flies and shared everything they knew about fly fishing with me. Thanks boys you changed my life!
After graduating from Penn State I opted to stay in the area and fish as much as I possibly could. After 15 years of fly fishing as much as time would allow, I still dream about it on a daily basis. I even talk about trout in my sleep. I’ll fish for anything with my fly rod but let’s face it brown trout are the best! I look forward to sharing my passion with others. Hope to see you on the water or stop by and see me at the shop.
Contact Sam by phone: 814.689.3654 xt 3

Nathan Vorodi- TCO Boiling Springs
I have grown up living in South-Central, PA my whole life and from early on my dad has created the obsession for me that is fishing. My dad grew up in Mechanicsburg and has been patrolling these waters since he was a child, and now that passion has been passed on to me. I enjoy riding my bike and where ever it can take me is where I usually will fish. Fishing is not all about the catch though and some people can go their entire lifetimes without realizing that they haven’t been searching for fish the whole time.  I enjoy going out with friends after school to just relax and maybe catch a fish or two. In the meantime though I will keep searching for what fishing is to me.
Contact Nathan by phone: 717.609.0169 xt 5

Matt Brindle- TCO Boiling Springs
I grew up in western PA, fishing and backpacking in the Laurel Highlands.  While trying to emulate my grandfather, I was taught fly tying by the late Russ Mowry and his brother-in-law, Fred Bridge.  Fifteen years ago, a career change moved me to Central PA.  Shortly thereafter, I had absolutely no qualms when my wife wanted us to set roots, buy a home, and raise a family in Carlisle.  I love fly fishing, backpacking, skiing, and motorcycling because each of these sports is cerebral; there is always something to be learned. Whether it be how to perfectly place a drag-free drift across a ribbon of seams on the LeTort or how to safely and judiciously reduce my pack weight, I enjoy activities that require thoughtful action.  When not at home with my wife and three kids, I can be found at TCO, on one of the many nearby streams, or on the trail.
Contact Matt by phone: 717.609.0169 xt 5

Marian Orlousky - TCO Boiling Springs
I grew up on the Yellow Breeches Creek in Boiling Springs, Pennsylvania. My family spent a lot of time enjoying the outdoors together, whether it was kayaking, hiking or mountain biking. These experiences fostered my sense of adventure and curiosity about our natural world, and ultimately led me to study Biology at Juniata College.
While studying, I spent a lot of my free time exploring local caves and paddling the Juniata River and Raystown Lake. After attending SUNY-ESF in Syracuse, NY for my Masters in Ecology, I spent a year working in Harper's Ferry, West Virginia and then I ended up right back in Boiling Springs working as a Natural Resource Manager for the Appalachian Trail Conservancy.
Now I spend a lot of my free time hiking the A.T. and other local trails. If you are looking for a good day hike or want some tips for backpacking, stop by TCO in the evening and see me.
Contact Marian by phone: 717.609.0169 xt 5

Austin Dando- TCO State College
Growing up, no matter where I travelled I had to cross over rivers. They were unavoidable, and that was fine with me. After watching my father cast a fly rod for many years, he eventually gifted one to me and the rest was history. I became consumed by the mystery and challenge that is fooling a fish. I am now a Penn State student and President of the fly fishing club we have here at school. I’ve found a passion for sharing and helping those new to the sport, as well as trying to learn more from those around me. I still cross rivers nearly every day, and that’s still just fine with me.
Contact Austin by phone: 814.689.3654 xt 3

Brendan Ruch- TCO Reading / TCO Bryn Mawr

Like most of us here at TCO, I was raised in a family of sportsmen. My Dad passed down his passion for hunting and fishing to me and I don’t think I had any say in the matter. He frequently took me out on his bass boat at a very young age, which sparked my passion for fishing. However, it wasn’t until I was High School that I began to take an interest in fly fishing when I found an old, unopened, Pflueger outfit in my garage. When I started working at the shop in mid 2016 I had no idea what I was getting myself into. Now fly fishing has eclipsed conventional fishing and hunting for me. That doesn’t mean I won’t take an 8wt out on the bass lake or try to stick a deer with an arrow once in a while. I’ve now been working for the shop for over a year I can say that, much like fishing, there’s always something to learn here. I can’t say how grateful I am for the guys in the shop that have taken me under their wing and have taught me so much in such a short period of time.

Contact Bredan by phone: 610.678.1899 xt 1 or email 

Aaron Magier- TCO Reading & TCO Bryn Mawr

I have always had a deeply rooted passion for the outdoors, and more specifically fishing, despite growing up in Manhattan, NY. For as long as I can remember I have been fishing for stripers and blues with bait in and around the barrier islands of New York with my Father and Uncle. The three of us also took many trips to Panama, Costa Rica, and Guatemala to chase Marlin and Sailfish. We also took days to fish the rocks for Roosters, Amber Jacks, and Wahoo. When I was 12, I picked up a fly rod for the first time at the West Branch Angler and took their Orvis 101 class. My brother went to camp nearby and my Father, Uncle and I made a tradition of spending a few days up there while visiting him every year. Although my brother grew out of camp and we stopped going up there, my passion for fly fishing continued. I went to college in the Finger Lakes of NY which provided me with excellent opportunities to pursue my passion for fly fishing. The tributaries of Seneca, Keuka and Cayuga lakes were some of my favorite to fish as well as occasional trips north to the Rochester area to fish Ontario tributaries. In college I started dating a girl who lives here in PA and I was introduced to this amazing fishery. After college, we moved here with our two dogs and have been enjoying the amazing outdoor opportunities this amazing state has to offer.

Contact Aaron by phone: 610.678.1899 xt 1 

John Bechtel- TCO Boiling Springs

I began fly fishing with my grandfather over 60 years ago and the passion still burns in me  today.  I was fortunate to be one of the founding members of the Adams County Trout Unlimited with limestone legend, Charlie Fox.  Fly fishing has taken me across the North America, Canada and to Scotland.  Proud member of the Letort Regulars, Fly Fishers Club of Harrisburg and Cumberland Valley Trout Unlimited.  Cheers! 

Contact John by phone: 717.609.0169 xt 5

Wiley Paul- TCO Reading

I was very fortunate to be born into a family of fly fishers. My great grandfather taught my grandfather, who taught my father who then started me on a path that has led me across the country and planet in pursuit of fish on the fly. I’ve been a professional fishing guide and casting instructor now for 22 years. Guiding has allowed me to work in some amazing places such as Argentina, Chile, Colorado, Wyoming and more recently Pennsylvania and New York. Whether its casting to sipping trout on the Upper Delaware or throwing Clousers on the Susquehanna for smallmouth I am happiest on the water. I am new to the TCO team and am glad to now be part of it. I look forward to having the opportunity to pass some of my fishing knowledge onto you.

Contact Wiley by phone: 610.678.1899 xt 1

Kevin Klunk - TCO Reading

I’ve always loved camping, rafting, and just being in the wilderness, but when I started fly fishing in 2001, I realized I found my passion.  Since then I have tried to fish as much as possible. Every stream offers its own beauty and charm, but I’m most at home in the Laurel Highlands in South Western PA and Erie PA (20 Mile Creek is my absolute favorite). Learning to tie flies has offered me a unique creative outlet and I enjoy sharing this craft with others. Whenever I’m not fishing, you can usually find me designing and creating wooden landing nets and listening to Jerry Garcia.

Contact Kevin by phone: 610.678.1899 xt 1

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