• Simms SOS Boundary Waters T-Shirt

Simms SOS Boundary Waters T-Shirt

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S.O.S. - SAVE OUR STREAMS Boundary Waters T-Shirt
We’re a country of rivers and streams. Lewis and Clark discovered this as they made their way westward. And it remains apparent today to anyone who stares out an airplane window. As anglers, we have a special appreciation of, and a personal relationship with, these iconic rivers. We also have a great sense of concern. That’s because many of these rivers are threatened by mining, pollution, closure and more. Thankfully, there’s a way for all of us to help through Save Our Streams (S.O.S.). It’s a program that raises awareness of – and gives back to – these waterways. Part of this program is a series of limited-edition S.O.S. tee-shirts. Each one is designed for a much-loved America river. And the proceeds from each sale will go towards protecting and preserving the river depicted for all of us to enjoy.


In the extreme northeast corner of Minnesota lies a 1.1 million acre region of forest dotted with over 1,000 lakes and cut by hundreds of miles of rivers and streams.

This unspoiled landscape known as the Boundary Waters attracts over 250,000 paddlers and anglers annually which in turn supports local communities with strong, sustainable tourism-based economies. Presently, foreign mining interests are hoping to excavate sulfide-ore copper from federally leased lands upstream, and only miles away from the edge of this invaluable wilderness.

Because the risks far outweigh the rewards, help us protect the Boundary Waters through #saveourstreams.


Jake Keeler was and born and raised in Minnesota, and currently lives there with his wife, son, and pets. He balances his time between family, his job as a Marketing Director, making art and fly fishing whenever possible. He loves to fish anywhere and for anything, but prefers to be throwing poppers to smallmouth bass with an 8 weight.

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