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Brood X

This summer is set to be something to remember. The excitement is building for thousands of periodical cicadas to emerge and reproduce, beginning sometime in May. At TCO we are particularly excited to experience this rare event, and help our customers wade through the preparation of the Brood X emergence.

What is the Brood X?

Periodical Cicadas are numbered by when they emerge, meaning Brood X is the tenth brood of this particular cicada. Brood 10, or X is the most widespread and prolific of the known generations, spreading as far as Michigan and all the way up to New York.

Where Do Cicadas Live?

Cicadas live underground for most of their lives but emerge when they need to reproduce. Brood X ranges the Mid Atlantic to the Midwest and covers nearly 15 states.

How often do they emerge?

Depending on the brood, they emerge only once every 13 or 17 years.

Why is it important to fishers?

The Brood X hatches priority is to mate and reproduce. To do that they come out in droves. Billions will emerge in order to overwhelm predators like birds and fish.

This is an amazing opportunity for fly fishers to catch just about every species of fish on a surface fly! It's a treat for a PA fly fisher to cast a size 6 dry fly to a trout. Don't miss this amazing opportunity.

What do they look like?

Periodical cicadas (like Brood X) typically have black bodies, orange wing veins, red eyes and six legs. They also have antennae and are typically 1 to 2 inches in length. Annual cicadas, which emerge each year, are black and green.

What Does a Cicada Sound Like?

In large groups, the sound of cicadas can reach as high as 100 decibels. The buzzing sound they create is made to attract mates.

Are Cicadas Dangerous?

Cicadas are not dangerous, however scary we think they are they don't bite or harm humans in anyway.

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