Stonefly nymphs make their way back into my fly boxes after the hatches of spring/summer have long faded away.  It's one of the larger food items that trout see in the colder months and a big meal compared to the small BWO nymphs and midges that trout feed on throughout winter.  When tied with a tungsten bead it makes a great anchor fly in heavy water.  Color combinations can vary, usually, I tie them in a golden yellow or a brown olive color depending on what species of stonefly are found in the stream" 

Stonefly Recipe

Hook: TMC 5262 size 6-12
Bead: Tungsten or brass bead to match hook size 
Extra Weight: .015"-.025" lead wire to match hook size if additional weight is needed
Antennae, Tail and Legs: MFC Barred Sexi-Floss 
Body and Thorax: Hareline Micro Polar Chenille
Ribbing: Ultrawire brassie wire 
Shellback: Sow-scudback or Wapsi thinskin 

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