Top Ten Gifts this Holiday Season

Posted on 09 December 2020

The fly-fishing industry is one of creation and innovation.  There are new products coming out monthly that are always tempting for the gear nut.  Christmas is a perfect time to shop for those new and innovative items for the angler on your list.  The 10 items below represent new and exciting items for the Fall 2020 season.  Happy Holidays!

1. Orvis Recon Rod
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The Orvis Helios 3 rod has been one of the leaders in the premium rod market for many years now.  Praised for its lightness and easy casting nature, the Helios is a standout.  The NEW Recon from Orvis benefits from the H3 tech.  The Recon is an amazing rod that features the technology of the legendary H3 for a fraction of the cost.  This would make a great gift for the beginner or the advanced angler.



2. Rumpl Blankets
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A little over five years ago Rumpl created an entirely new product category; a technical outdoor blanket. Since then Rumpl has remained #1 in the industry, despite an army of knockoffs and competitors. Their drive to innovate, as well as a warranty that gives customers confidence in taking their Rumpl blanket on any adventure, keeps them head and shoulders above the competition.  These blankets make great gifts for anyone trying to stay warm for the holidays.



3. Simms Dockwear Pack 28L
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Simms Dockwear is a new line from our favorite Bozeman MT based manufacturer.  This new line is durable, practical, and extremely versatile.  From desk to dock this classic utilitarian backpack is built with rugged Cordura Oxford fabric and is our favorite solution for everyday carry.



4. Simms Freestone Tactical Hip Pack
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Looking for a gift for the angler in your family.  The Simms Freestone pack line is the perfect choice.  It's hard to beat the simplicity of traveling light, the durable and technical Freestone Tactical Hip Pack carries just what you need and nothing more. From dedicated tippet and floatant stations to fly box pockets, this waist-pack has the space and features to help any angler make the most of every cast without being weighed down. Wear it as a waist-pack or cross-carry it messenger style.



5. Simms G3 Guide Waders
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Simms has taken waders to the next level with the new G3 waders.  These American made waders have increased durability and are much lighter than their predecessors.  Made completely of Gore Tex in Bozeman Montana, the G3’s are the best waders on the market today and would be an amazing gift for any fisherman.



6. Orvis Pro Boot

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This was one of our favorite items of 2020.  The Orvis Pro boot featuring a tread made by Michelin has proven to be comfortable and durable.  The most amazing part of this boot is how light it is.  It’s often hard to combine light weight with good ankle support but Orvis has accomplished exactly that.  As fishermen we always are in need of new boots, so these are a great gift idea.  We suggest upsizing by 1 shoe size on these.



7. Orvis Premium Tying Kit
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There are few better gifts than a new hobby.  If you have a fly fisher in your family that does not tie their own flies then this gift will keep giving for a lifetime.  The opportunity to catch a fish on a fly that you made is one of the best feelings, this kit makes that possible.  In particular, this Orvis kit is full of all the right high quality materials to tie many great fly patterns.



8. RIO Elite Gold Fly Line
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New fly line technology comes out almost every year.  All of them promise that the lines will be slicker, cast better and float higher.  We have tested the new Elite line from RIO and it totally delivers.  The floatation is vastly improved, especially the tip and the lack of memory is a revelation.  This line will improve any anglers fishing game and would make a great gift for the Spring 21 fishing season.



9. TCO FLY SHOP Fly Boxes

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Many winter days are spent reorganizing and preparing for the upcoming fishing season.  Grab a few of our TCO logo boxes for the angler in your family.  It’s a guarantee that they will spend hours restructuring their gear for next year.



10. Deyoung Items
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We cannot always be on the river or the ocean.  Fishing inspired artwork from Derek Deyoung is a great way to think about the outdoors when we are stuck inside.  Browse the numerous items from the Deyoung art studio and find something special for the fly fisher on your gift list.

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