The B-52 Bombers of Late Summer!

Posted on 27 August 2020

While the White Fly (Ephoron leukon) steals the show in mid-August, the “Hex” hatch remains my favorite on the Yellow Breeches.
Around August 10th each year, I start scouting our streams in the evenings looking for the Hexes (Hexagenia limbata). Their sheer size and number, and the ferocity of the strike is what draws me to this oftentimes overlooked hatch.
The Hexes and White Flies overlap for about 2-3 weeks, as they start earlier and end a little later in my observations. I’ve seen both flies hatch after Labor Day depending on the year.
Usually by August, the low, clear water have the trout in our streams well-educated and extremely wary of imitations. As the Hex hatch begins to occur just before dark, trout oftentimes lose their wary nature, and feed aggressively to our dry fly offerings. This is a warm welcome after the long, fine leaders of Summer have become the norm.
My setup for Hex and White Fly fishing:

Leader: Orvis SuperStrong Leader 7'6" 4x Flies: White Flies 10-14

I am focusing on the Hex Dun because this seems to pose more of a mystery to anglers compared to an all white mayflies. Largely, I believe the Hex can range from Dark Olive to a lighter shade of Olive and also a Tan-based colored body depending on what stage of the hatch you find.
So without any more rambling, I present to you “Neil’s Food Truck Hex 2.0” a name given by Jake Villwock, as he knew of my days spent working on a food truck prior to the glorious life of a fly shop employee and semi-unfamous fishing guide.

Neil’s Food Truck Hex 2.0

Hook: Tiemco 3761 #8
Thread: UNI thread 6/0 Olive or Tan
Tail: Moose Mane
Body: Blend of SLF Natural Fox and Dark Olive Hare’s Ear. (Vary the ratios that you blend based on the naturals)
Post: EP Trigger Point Fibers in Dun or Blue Winged Olive
Parachute Hackle: Grizzly
Should you have and questions or comments, please send and email or comment! Thanks, and happy night fishing!

Neil Sunday

Relentless Fly Fishing Head Trout Guide

TCO Fly Shop Employee

IG: @neilsunday

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