Fly Of The Month - Hendrickson Dry Fly

Posted on 25 March 2020

It’s almost April, and the trout are starting to look up. Any day now, with this warmer weather we’ve been having, Hendricksons will make an appearance on the surface. 

The Hendrickson dry fly was created in 1916 by Roy Steenrod, who learned to tie from the Legendary Theodore Gordon. Roy apparently was fishing the Lower Beaverkill with his friend A. E. Hendrickson, and saw bugs popping off the water. Roy names it after his buddy, and the rest is Fly Fishing History! I have taken a very traditional, Catskill pattern and simplified it with a material that is getting a lot of attention these days because of its versatility. EP Trigger Points are easy to use, readily available, and the colors are realistic when imitating our favorite bugs.

Here’s my EP Trigger Point Hendrickson Dry Fly:

Step 1: 

Place hook in vice, wrap thread back to the start of the bend, and then ⅔ way up the hook shank toward the eye.

Step 2: 

Select a  BWO Trigger Point clump about the thickness of a pencil and about 3 inches long. Tie these on top of the hook shank with the cut ends toward the tail, and the longer “natural” ends over the front of the fly. Wrap thread to stand the wings up, and split the Trigger Point Clump evenly into two different wings. Figure 8 wrap these wings to divide them, and stand the feathers in an upright position. Cut excess Trigger Points off, about ½ way down the hook shank and place on your tying table.

Step 3: 

Take left-over Trigger Points and divide clump in half. These will be your tail fibers. Tie in the tail where you cut off the excess from tying in the wings. The overall tail length should be the length of the hook shank.

Step 4:

Select about half the thickness of a pencil of Hendrickson EP Trigger Points and tie just forward of where the tail is tied in. This should be just before the bend of the hook. Once secure, wrap thread all the way to in-front of the wings.

Step 5:

Twist the EP Trigger Point fibers into a rope to make the body of the fly. Wrap the “rope” with neat, continuous wraps to form a body. Be certain to “figure 8” the wings to insure they remain separated, and continue with a two wraps in front of the wings. Tie off behind the hook eye with a few secure wraps.

Step 6:

Take a very small portion of Hendrickson Pink Dubbing and make a small “head” in front of the wings. Whip finish the thread securely.

Step 7:

Measure the entire hook length (not including the tail) and transfer this measurement to the wings. Cut wings with one precise trimming. Trim any loose or errant fibers.

Step 8:




Add a small amount of floatant to make this fly worry and hassle free! I find that flies that ride lower in the water “film” tend to fool finicky or heavily pressured fish. We love this fly on the Yellow Breeches Catch and Release water, as these fish have seen everything. Adjust the colors, and you can tie March Browns, Cahills, Sulphurs and Blue-Winged Olives with this method. Good Luck, and let me know what you think!

Neil Sunday

Relentless Fly Fishing - Head Trout Guide

TCO Shop Employee

IG: @neilsunday


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  • Gilly Bumsparkle: March 30, 2022

    Excellent pattern, glad to see someone else is using ep trigger fibers in their flies!
    Neil Sunday is truly Lord Of The Fly, One Fly to Rule them ALL!

  • Tony Davis: March 25, 2020

    There are abundant grannoms, LBS, midges and even a few Quill Gordons in the C&R of YBC. Get out there but keep your distance!

  • Neil Sunday: March 25, 2020

    Shauna- I’d be happy to do a live video for your guys in Coatsville. Please email me and we can discuss. Glad to help- Neil

  • Ken Huber: March 25, 2020

    Good site, looking foward to nice weather

  • Shauna Holden: March 25, 2020

    Going to use this as our weekly fly tie on zoom with our guys shut in at the VA in Coatesville. Nice and simple
    Thanks so much for the inspiration.
    Shauna -PHWFF

  • Lindsay : March 25, 2020

    Great article buddy! Good info, hope I can learn to tie in the future!

  • Arnie Eldridge: March 25, 2020

    Hello Neil

    I hope you and your wife are doing well. Looking forward to fishing the Breeches with you again this year.

    Arnie & Nellie

  • Pat Bahan: March 25, 2020

    Hi Neil,
    Wish I were there.
    I enjoyed the Hendrickson tie.
    Hope you are doing well and the fish are looking up!
    Tight lines,

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