Fly Of The Month - Hank's Sleepy Madtom

Posted on 21 February 2020

I tied this fly to be a really simple sculpin/madtom pattern that ties up quickly and doesn't require very many materials.  It's been used to catch both trout and smallmouth on my local waterways.
Scuplins and madtoms are both very mottled and ugly looking in nature and the Black Barred Rabbit Strips Grizzly from Hareline seemed to be a perfect color match for what I see in rivers in Pennsylvania. For the pectoral fins I blended dark tan and black Senyo's Laser Dub to match the color and texture of the rabbit strip. I have had success fishing this fly on a floating line in some smaller creeks but am looking forward to using it with an intermediate line to swing through bigger rivers. It can be fished effectively swung slowly across the bottom or on an upstream presentation with aggressive strips. 


UNI 6/0 Thread - Olive Dun

Fish Skull Sculpin Helmet Black Small

Ahrex Trout Predator TP605 size 4

Black Barred Rabbit Strips Grizzly

Senyo's Laser Dub Dark Tan

Senyo's Laser Dub Black



Sam works in both Reading and State College TCO shops. Stop in and talk to him about this Madtom or just say hello.


Sam Reibman



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