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Posted on 21 January 2021

If given the opportunity, I prefer to use American-made products whenever possible.  Over the past two years, I’ve had the chance to try several Made-in-the-USA products made by Equinox Ltd.

Equinox Ltd. has been making quality outdoor gear and apparel in a repurposed old pajama factory in Williamsport Pennsylvania for over 20 years.  A little over a year ago, TCO began carrying Equinox’s pouches for backpacking and hiking. Even though the fabric is waterproof,  (1.1 ounce silicone impregnated ripstop nylon), the seams are not sealed. I imagine the pouches can weather a light shower - any more than that, and your contents may get wet through the zipper or seams.

The UL Puffer Pouch makes the perfect lightweight packing cube for short trips. I can easily fit a full change of clothes (lightweight travel pants, long sleeve shirt, 2 pair socks, and 2 pair underwear) if I roll my clothing.  I’m a medium, so you may need to adjust the size of the pouch to accommodate larger sizes.  I can also fit a change of clothing in their medium pouch if I’m packing shorts rather than pants. Any of the pouches can be mounted on a pack using the loops Equinox placed on either end of the zipper.  If mounting to a pack, I’d opt for the medium, as the large is quite big.


The medium Marsupial pouch has been on every motorcycle and backpacking trip I’ve been on over the past two years.  On the bike, it holds all my electronic accessories, headlamp, and wallet.  In my pack, I use it to hold all the smaller items that would normally be sliding around, like my headlamp, lighter, and pocket knife.  At 6x7 inches and a quarter of an ounce, it weighs nearly nothing.  With the small clip on one end of the zipper, I can attach it to the loop inside the chest pocket of my waders, and keep my floatant, Air-locks, and weights from disappearing into the depths of the pocket.


The small Gila Pack pocket has been attached to the shoulder straps on my backpack for the past year, carrying my maps, snacks, and until recently, my phone.  Even though it won’t fit an iPhone 10 or larger, it will stay on my pack, carrying maps and snacks.  I recently picked up the large version, which mounts horizontally on waist belt straps.  This pack easily fits maps, snacks, any phone, a camera, or a small quarter liter water bottle.  Together, they add about a liter of convenient, easily accessible storage.


I’ve been using an Equinox tarp, pack pocket, and medium marsupial pouch for the past two years for backpacking, motorcycle camping, work, and general outdoor activities.  Any of these options are perfect for organization or for simply adding more storage to your pack.

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