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Home > Fly Tying > Fly Tying Materials > Synthetics and Flash
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Whether you are tying your favorite saltwater streamer or adding flash to a nymph synthetics are an essential material to have in full stock at your tying bench. Synthetic materials add color and flash to all your patterns, while giving you the added durability that you can’t get out of some of your natural materials. Tie up your favorite pattern, now add midge flash, or flashabou and step up your game, I think you’ll enjoy the results.
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Big Fly Fiber
Long synthetic hair-like fibers. Kinked at the top, these fibers are used for large bass and saltwater patterns.
Craft Fur
$3.00 - $3.30
The LONGEST, MOST DENSE CRAFT FUR that we have ever seen. Use it for a large variety of fresh and saltwater streamers and bonefish patterns. Great substitution for bucktail on Clouser Minnows. Beautiful, vibrant colors can be blended to match most any baitfish.
$4.74 - $5.40
This material is similar to Krystal Flash. It adds sparkle to streamers, nymphs and steelhead patterns to interest fish.
Flashabou Mirage possesses reflective qualities, along with color shifting properties. These combine to create an brilliant iridescent effect. This material is a great substitute for traditional winging and tailing material in a variety of nymph, streamer and saltwater fly patterns.
Silicone fly tails work great for tails on woolly buggers and other streamers. If you're a saltwater angler give them a try as crab claws. Many permit have been fooled by a pair of fly tail claws sticking out of an otherwise lifeless crab fly.
Silicone fly tails work great for tails on woolly buggers and other streamers. If you're a saltwater angler give them a try as crab claws. Many permit have been fooled by a pair of fly tail claws sticking out of an otherwise lifeless crab fly.
Twisted glow-in-the-dark mylar. More reflective surface to catch and amplify light, will make it's own light when charged.
Flashabou Grizzly Accent is synthetic fly tying material with two colors on each strand. Grizzly color patterns offer the first true synthetic barred feather. 12" length.
Even more potent than the original Flashabou. The holographic color schemes have proved to be irresistable at enticing bites. Can also be used for flashbacks or body material. Per 2,000 strands. 10" strip.
Flashabou Holographic Fly Fiber is a two tone holographic fiber that reflects light with a 3D effect. Fly fiber is silver on one side and a complementing color on the other. Wider cut and stiffer than Original Flashabou. 8 inch length.
A self-adhesive reflective tape for minnow bodies. Great material for shaping Zonker underbodies, or covering foam popper cylinders and shaping spoon flies. 4"x6" sheet.
This fly tying material is an embossed dyed pearl Saltwater Flashabou that will add life to any minnow or baitfish pattern. It is also great for jigs and poppers for warm water species.
Call or e-mail to learn more about the LATERAL SCALE DYED PEARL.
$4.30 - $4.50
A similar material to krystal flash that has a thinner diameter making it perfect for smaller dries and nymphs.
$5.70 - $6.00
This is a Krystal Flash-like material that has twice the shimmer as Krystal Flash. Sometimes we do not want this much flash. Sometimes we do. This product allows us to make a choice for murky water and low light conditions.
Mirage sheet is fantastic for flashbacks, this changes its colour as the light hits it from different angles, just like the Flashabou Mirage. Popular material for Cheeks on salmonflies and shellback on nymphs.
This stuff is great! Soft streamer hair wing material with VERY fine fibers. Compared to 'other' synthetic streamer material, NEER HAIR is easier to work with. 11" long.
Polar Flash is a synthetic material made by wrapping Flashabou strands with micro nylon filaments. Polar Flash is perfect for wings, tails, ribbing and bodies. 8" long hank.
$5.10 - $5.70
Wider, heavier Flashabou designed for saltwater use. The strands are 1/16" wide and can be used as individual strands for body material.
Lightweight, durable sheer wing material that is ideal for midges, mayflies, caddis and stoneflies. Works great with wing stencils or wing burners. 2 sheets per package.
Each sheet produces hundreds of tiny, light reflecting fibers. Perfect for spinner wings, shucks, and shellbacks on scuds.
The fine texture of Streamer Hair is perfect for small to x-large streamers and tails. This 6 to 8 inch natural wool breathes like marabou.
Finest diameter Supreme Hair available. 11" long, soft and flexible crimped nylon. Great for long streamer patterns for salt, bass, stripers and pike.
At first glance, it is easy to assume Ultra Wing is just another synthetic wing material, but look closely and you will see that it will tie a much wider range of flies than other synthetics. The texture and design of Ultra Wing allows you to tie effective baitfish patterns in sizes as small as 1" in total length to as long as 6". Very few synthetics offer the ability to comfortably tie such a large range of fly sizes. With Ultra Wing, it is possible to tie both 6" bunker (herring) patterns and 1" glass minnow patterns equally well.
Unique Hair is 11" long and similar to supreme hair but with finer fibers for a softer feel. It is ideal for streamers
Wing n' Flash is made of super fine shreds of Flashabou® in hank form. Use to create a wing that is super soft, super light with super flash. The fibers are 8" to 10" long.
Orvis Flashabou
Flashabou is a thin, flexible tinsel that gives lifelike flash and breathing action. Mix in with other fibers to enhance streamers and saltwater baitfish patterns. An essential saltwater fly tying ingredient. One package contains hundreds of 10" Flashabou fibers. Fly tying Flashabou in copper, red, black, light blue, dark blue, dark green, pearl, silver, gold, purple, fuchsia, medium blue. One package contains hundreds of strands. Made in USA.
Orvis Fluoro Fiber
This is a fluorescent microfiber that will make any fly "light up" in the water. It is ideal for gills, lateral lines and becomes highly visible when tied with Polar Fiber or Slinky Fiber. Ultra-fine textured synthetic, very little bulk. In fl. pink, hot pink, hot orange, white, gray, olive, brown, gold, green, prawn pink, shrimp pink, red, royal blue.
Orvis Holographic Tinsel / Holographic Tinsel, each
Add attention-grabbing flash. The brightest imaginable tinsel reflects all colors. Spooled. Flat, flashy, easy to use. Great in place of regular tinsel. In gold, silver, black, red, blue, purple, green, fuchsia. Approximately 20 yards. Made in USA.
Orvis Ice Dub Minnow Back Shimmer Fringe
Ice Dub Minnow Back Shimmer Fringe fuses two fused synthetic fibers, stacked in unique color mixes. Easy to use and pre-stacked in perfect baitfish colors. This fly-tying flash material fiber is similar to Angel Hair fibers, but less frustrating to use. In chartreuse/peacock, shell pink/hot pink, yellow pearl/chartreuse, hot pink/purple, bronze/herring, pearl/dark UV blue, olive/UV blue, pearl/peacock, yellow/bronze, pink/bronze. Fiber length: 3 1/2". Made in USA.
Orvis Krinkle Mirror Flash
Increase realism. The brightest and most reflective synthetic Mylar tinsel we've found. Creates a vibrant reflection of natural light. Baitfish patterns stand out among schools of natural baitfish. Crinkles added to create a reflective sheen of scales. In root beer, red, silver, black, pearl, gold, pink, lime, olive, peacock, orange. 8" hanks. Made in USA.
Orvis Krystal Flash Wing Material / Pearlescent
Superb Clouser Minnow material. Tiny filaments flash tiny points of light. Use a few strands in streamer wings. Over 150 15" strands per package. Metallic colors: silver, gold, copper, black, red, green, royal blue. Pearlescent colors: pearl, olive, peacock, lime green, blue, purple, pink, orange, mixed colors, smolt blue, Gray Ghost, root beer. Fluorescent colors: cerise, fire orange, shrimp pink, chartreuse. Made in USA.
Orvis New Age Holo Flash
A unique blend of Krinkle Flash, holographic tinsels, and UV fibers, New Age Holo Flash combines lifelike action and realism with shimmering colors to produce excellent baitfish patterns for steelhead, salmon, and saltwater species. This holographic fly-tying flash is made from Krinkle Flash which provides a textured appearance, mimicking fish scales, the holographic tinsels attract attention underwater, while the UV fibers provide reflective qualities, even in low-light conditions. In green apple, amberstone, orange crush, gold stone, yellow yummy, midnight rainbow, kaleidoscope, winter run blue, winter run purple, sparkling wine. Made in USA.
Orvis Sparkle Hair
Great for tying saltwater streamers, bass bugs, and flashy nymphs. Durable tinsel hair pulsates, reflects light, and swims realistically. Sparkle Hair is a synthetic tinsel material that combines mylar and nylon for maximum light reflection. Flies tied with these multi-colored strands of tinsel hair simulate movement better than those with a single color, and the fly tying material swims well without the strands becoming matted together. About 9" long. In black, gold, silver, copper, emerald rainbow, chartreuse, marine green, marine blue. Pearlescent Colors: blue, green, yellow, pink, rainbow, light olive, natural. About 9" long. Made in USA.
Orvis Steve Farrar's Flash Blend
One of the best saltwater fly tying materials developed by well-known fly tier Steve Farrar, this blend of angel hair and Slinky Fiber is ideal for creating bait fish imitations. Strong and resilient, this fly tying material can hold up as an element of a predator pattern and in saltwater flies. Just the right mix of color and flash create a natural look. Comes in 10" length fibers. Tying material available in rainbow, royal blue, natural, gray, brown, shrimp, light pink, camouflage, ocean blue, mist blue, white, olive, chartreuse. Imported.
Orvis Synthetic Yak Hair / Assortment
Approximately 20" long, this synthetic fiber is ideal for tying any streamer, great tailing material for poppers, caddis and nymph shucks, and wing cases. Also, a few strands make a great fly body. Finer in fiber diameter, which allows less bulk at the tie-in point. Easy to work with and great movement in the water. Blend colors to match your baitfish of choice. In white, black, pink, yellow, red, olive, royal blue, cream, fl. green, lavender, silver, purple, gold,, cerise. Made in USA.
Orvis Z-Lon / Assortment
$6.95 - $15.95
Superb, fish-attracting sparkle. Traps air bubbles for a lifelike look. Great for durable wing casings, spinner wings, shucks, and upright wings on parachutes. In white, light dun, medium dun, dark dun, ginger, brown, olive, olive brown, black, cream. Assortment pack contains six strands each of white, medium dun, ginger, brown, olive, and cream. Made in USA.
Orvis Mirror Wrap
Mirror Wrap is without a doubt the brightest synthetic hackle available. Will enhance any fly. Use just a few strands or as a collar. Caution: A few wraps is plenty. In pearl, pink, purple, blue, orange, red, black, olive, chartreuse. Made in USA.
Orvis Speckled Flashabou
Soft flashabou with black speckles to tone down the flash. The muted grizzly appearance is great for creating wings, streamers, and baitfish. In copper, gold, silver. Made in USA.
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