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Home > Fly Rods > Winston Fly Rods
©2007 Photo courtesy of Chris Frangiosa
New for 2016 Winston BIII PLUS - 9ft 8wt Saltwater 4pc Rod
Boron III Plus - Saltwater Rods (6wt through 12wt)
Rod Weights: 9' 6wt. thru 9' 12wt.
Action: Fast
Grip: Full Wells
Sections: 4
Color: Winston Green
Guides: Hard chrome over-sized snake 'Shooting Guides' wit
... More
Winston Fly Rods
Experience the legendary smooth, progressive "Winston Action." These rods are designed to perform in casting distances to 40 feet. Winston rods are a delight to cast allowing the most delicate dry fly presentations. These are the rods we turn to for all of our most precise trout fishing challenges.

Experience the legendary smooth, progressive "Winston Action." These rods are designed to perform in casting distances to 40 feet. Winston rods are a delight to cast allowing the most delicate dry fly presentations. These are the rods we turn to for all of our most precise trout fishing challenges.
Winston Bamboo Series Fly Rods
Hand craftsmanship, an incredible attention to detail, and a wonderful slow action that provides superb line and loop control. These are just a few of the qualities of a Winston bamboo fly rod. For 75 years, our name has been synonymous with fine bamboo. To us, bamboo represents not only the heritage of the sport, but a commitment to making rods from a proven natural material. Creating a bamboo rod is a cumulative process. Years of design refinements, testing, study, plus knowledge that has been passed down from rod builder to rod builder go into every one. Pick up a Winston bamboo, and you will be holding something extraordinary. Fish one, and you will be amazed at the smoothness and delicacy.

Winston BIII Plus Series Fly Rods
Serious rods for serious anglers for serious fish. Featuring a full spectrum of saltwater rods for every possible fishing scenario. Included in the Plus series are three extra powerful, reinforced Jungle rods designed specifically for Peacock bass and Dorado. The Plus series also includes high-performance freshwater 5wt. and 6wt. rod models. The "Plus" stands for incredible line speed, extra power and design qualities needed to handle monster flies, the wind, sinking and oversized head lines and of course, big, big, fish. Boron III Plus rods are lightweight, smooth casting and feature our new shooting guides, green reel seats and, of course, unmatched Winston quality and craftsmanship.

Winston BIIIX Series Fly Rods
New for 2016! Boron IIIx – The newest, most advanced rods from Winston with the newest, most advanced Boron material and design. The new lighter, faster Boron III material has a significant impact on the design ofWinston’s newest line of fast, incredibly light, smooth Boron IIIx fly rods. These new rods are lighter, faster, more responsive, more powerful and yet still incredibly smooth, versatile rods with an unbelievably wide casting range. In terms of action, these rods generate faster line speed than the Boron IIx counterparts that they are replacing, without compromising their coveted smooth and balanced “feel.” A breakthrough in performance rod design. Made in Twin Bridges, MT.

Winston BIII 5pc Series Fly Rods
Adding to our industry-leading Boron IIIx series, for 2012 we are excited to introduce three new 5-piece Boron IIIx specialty rods..."the ultimate Boron IIIx 5-piece travel rod." These three new 9 foot rods in 4-weight, 5-weight and 6-weight models incorporate the same incredible versatility and smooth-casting fast action as our highest performance Boron IIIx rods. Moreover, these new Boron IIIx 5-piece rods pack into a tiny 24" long beautiful deep green graphite rod tube, 5" inches shorter than the tube that holds our 4-piece rods. All three rods in this series (490, 590 and 690) come with cigar grips, and a choice of either nickel silver reel seats with beautiful burled box elder inserts, or our lightweight anodized aluminum reel seats...all ready to pack into the overhead bin or slip into your bag. Let the adventures begin!

Winston BIII LS Series Fly Rods
THE BORON III LS perfectly blends the incredible "Winston Feel" with Boron III technology to produce a modern light line series. This medium-fast action series is lively and responsive, and delicately presents a fly with extraordinary accuracy. Built with advanced Boron III technology, this remarkably lightweight series has incredible tough, feel and control. These rods are the ideal selection for small stream enthusiasts, anglers using light tippets for big fish, or those who enjoy stalking big fish with small flies. The Boron III LS sets a new standard in what one should expect from a light line series. However, with eighty-plus years of company history behind the development of this series, it really should be no surprise.

Winston BIIISX Series Fly Rods
This breakthrough new series was designed to truly handle the most demanding and extreme salt and freshwater fishing situations. And while SX stands for "super" fast-action, the unprecedented power and strength of these rods does not come at the expense of smoothness and feel. Whether you are making long casts directly into the wind, throwing big bulky flies or wielding an aggressive sink-tip line in steelhead waters, these rods will come through. They are unlike any other fast action rod made. Boron III-SX rods feature a superlight matte black reel seat with R.L Winston Rod Co. engraved on the barrel. The trout rods are available with the same wood reel seats as our Boron IIIx rods. The 9'6" 5 and 6-weight models have fighting butts for versatility and battling larger fish. All come with our graphite rod tube.

Winston Boron III Two Handed Series Fly Rods
Boron III TH rods were designed with input from some of the world’s finest Spey casters. Featuring advanced Boron III technology, the series is more powerful and responsive, and offers even smoother casting and faster recovery rates. A Boron III TH is ideal for any style of two-handed angling and can easily transition between Touch-and-Go, Underhand and Sustained Anchor techniques. Whether you’re fishing Traditional Spey, Skagit, Scandi or Switch lines, you’ll find these lightweight rods to be incredibly accurate, capable of casting long distances with ease, and perfectly balanced to enhance line delivery and minimize fatigue.

Winston Boron III TH Micro Spey Series Fly Rods
With our innovative Boron III TH-MS rods, we’ve added three light line (3, 4 and 5wt.) trout models to the Boron III TH Two Handed series. Combining the power of a Spey rod and the finesse of a trout rod, they add a new and exciting dimension to the sport. Featuring Boron III technology, these fast action rods excel in a range of Two-Handed situations, from covering big, broad rivers to dealing with tree-lined banks or demanding weather. They have a specialized grip that feels more trout rod than Spey, use slightly larger chrome guides than typical trout rods, and come with a larger tiptop that allows for the larger diameter of the spey style lines.

Winston Nexus Series Fly Rods
The Nexus series is a new line of high-performance, very lightweight, fast action rods that redefine the high-end, all-graphite category. Their innovative design combines faster tapers, especially through the lower half of the rods, with the distinctive “feel” and smooth casting attributes that are hallmarks of a Winston. The result is “all around” rods ideal for a variety of situations; they are a joy to cast, and can generate added power when needed. By utilizing 100% graphite, we've reduced the higher material expense of Boron III used in our top-of-the-line rods. Nexus rods have a gorgeous deep black finish, and are made to our renowned standards of quality and craftsmanship.

Winston WT Trout Series Fly Rods
The vast majority of trout fishing situations involve casts of less than 60 feet, usually far shorter. And when you're working a fish closer in, success often depends on your ability to make gentle, delicate, accurate presentations. For this reason, many experienced anglers consider our WT rods to be the perfect choice for such fishing. With progressive tapers, they work nicely at close distances yet can make longer casts when needed. Proven on trout waters worldwide, these medium-action graphite rods are incredibly smooth, offer wonderful touch and feel, and the tips are soft enough to protect 6x and 7x tippets while playing large trout. These rods are made to order... please allow 4-6 weeks or contact us if you need it sooner.

Winston Mugs Waterbottles & more
Support your favorite rod brand by enjoying a beverage from the Winston mug or waterbottle

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